How to Find the Best Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have become a common item in many households, and it’s no wonder — they are fantastic items and they provide supreme comfort. Once only considered necessary for the elderly and infirm, these beds are finally having their full potential realized.

You may already be aware of the pleasure adjustable bed frames afford, from making TV viewing and reading more cozy to alleviating back pain, snoring and other issues. But, do you know how to find the best adjustable bed? In this guide we’ll break it all down for you and show you some of the leading adjustable bed brands along with some smaller companies to watch for.

We’ll start with a quick overview of the top retailers of 2015 and then do a deep dive into the details of their specific adjustable bed frames, highlighting attributes that distinguish each bed.

This data comes from consumer reviews and third party review websites.Comparing general reviews is a great way to kick-off our review and get an idea of what’s out there. This table shows some of the stark differences in ratings, price, durability warranties and health benefits of the brands products with a summation tally.

There are numerous beds available from these brands, each with varying features and qualities. This guide will take a good look at the real value these beds offer while taking all these attributes into account. In the following sections, we dissect each brand for you.

Adjustable Bed Frames in Detail
Amerisleep Comparison
This online startup offers various plant-based memory foam mattresses and a signature on You can buy the bases individually or with a mattress in a combination package.

Amerisleep has their house Amerisleep Adjustable Bed. This base offers a very sleek and modern look with a full range of features including pillow tilt, wireless remotes, app controls, under-bed lighting and massagers. Here’s what you need to know:

Reviews: Amerisleep adjustable bases receive solid reviews with an average of 4.8 stars, the highest of all the adjustable beds reviewed.
Durability: This brand’s bases are ISO 9000 and UL certified, which exceed industry standards. Customer reviews are consistent with a highly durable product.
Warranty: Amerisleep’s warranty is 20 years in total with one year full and two additional years for parts.
Prices: Ranging from $1,800 for a twin to $3,7600 for a king-sized split bed.
Costco Comparison
Famous for their bulk items, Costco carries an array of adjustable beds, too. Their adjustable bases include the Leggett & Platt S-Cape and a base by Sleep Science. Costco has a notoriously great return policy and customer service, which can be helpful if you have a problem.

The reviews for Costco are all over, but average around 2.5 out of five. It seems people either love or hate their beds. Complaints about the beds noise and longevity are the most common. They sell two models, one from each of their manufacturers.

Reviews: Wide ranging reviews with an average of 3.0. The S-Cape tends to do better than the Sleep Science model. Durability is the major complaint, but return policy is often praised.
Durability: Consumers have some issues with longevity and remote issues with the Sleep Science adjustable base.
Warranty: Manufacturer warranty. On the S-Cape, 1 year full, 2 year parts, lifetime limited. On the Sleep Science, 1 year full, 2-5 year parts and lifetime limited.
Prices: Ranging from $1,000 for a twin Sleep Science to $2,180 for an S-Cape California king.
Reverie Comparison
Founded in 2003, Reverie has maintained a strong hold on a corner of the adjustable bed market. Reverie has three different adjustable frame models currently available, the Deluxe (5D), the Essential Plus (3E) and the Supreme (8Q).

The Deluxe has fewer features than the others and lacks massage. The Essential Plus and Supreme have a few preset positions, massage settings and an anti-snore function. The Supreme is also Bluetooth enabled.

Here is how the adjustable bases break down:

Reviews: Higher-priced lines received better reviews. Some reviewers complained of the mattress moving on frame and durability issues with motors.
Durability: The 5D and 8Q beds have few issues with motors and other components, though the 3E tends to have more complaints.
Warranty: Twenty-year limited warranty with full coverage the first year, and parts coverage for years two to three.
Prices: Ranging from $900 for a twin 3E to $3,000 for a split California king 8Q.
Serta Comparison
One of the behemoths of the mattress world, Serta began selling mattresses in 1931. As mentioned earlier, some large retailers spend a lot on advertising, which can increase prices.

Serta has four lines of adjustable beds, the Motion Custom, the Motion Signature, the Motion Perfect II and the Motion Essentials II, all made by Reverie.

The Motion Custom offers the most features, including massage, speaker and USB ports. The Motion Signature is Bluetooth capable and has one USB outlet with two AC outlets. Motion Perfect II has massage functions while the basic Motion Essentials line does not.

Here is what we know about the Serta adjustable bed frames:

Reviews: Serta beds receive good reviews, but some customers complain about the prices they paid and the mattress moving on the frame. There were several complaints about customer service.
Durability: These frames rate fairly well in durability and longevity.
Warranty: One year full coverage, five year parts and 20 year limited warranty.
Prices: Ranges from $699 for twin Motion Essentials to $5,800 for the split Motion Custom.
Our Findings
Using this information on the top adjustable bed brands, Amerisleep comes out on top with their adjustable beds. With strong customer service and product reviews along with a reasonable price tag, their beds appear to have one of the the best values. Their sales model is transparent with little or no suprises. Companies like Amerisleep are able to keep their overhead down through a number of novel methods and a new business model. Serta has good average reviews and bases, but may have a slight premium to pay for the brand name.

When Comparison Shopping for Adjustable Bed Frames
Adjustable beds are great investments, but can be costly purchases. Consider all the options, your needs and your budget very carefully prior to committing to anything. Make sure you know what each bed has to offer and ask questions if you are unsure. Stay away from deals that sound too good to be true.

There is no shortage of information out there, but if information on a particular frame seems purposefully misleading, steer clear. You should be able to find the specifics of your bed before making a decision — including things like weight capacity, types of motors, remote functions, warranty details, pricing and safety features. Getting the best adjustable bed basically comes down to taking your time, comparing a variety of deals, and choosing features and a budget that make sense for your needs.

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