How to Buy Outdoor Furniture That Lasts

A backyard patio is an outdoor extension of your living space. Choosing durable outdoor furniture is a great way to improve this part of your home. Patio furniture that is strong, weather-resistant, and well-crafted will let you enjoy summer breezes and afternoon gatherings for years to come.

Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture:

Choose wood chairs, tables, and sofas for natural-looking outdoor furniture that’s durable and reliable. Eucalyptus, along with cedar and teak wood can withstand outdoor weather better than wicker, pine, or oak. Teak has a 100-year durability rating, and cedar and teak woods are naturally resistant to insect damage.

Metal Outdoor Furniture

It’s a good idea to go with cast iron, wrought iron, or aluminum for metallic furniture. These metals contribute to the reliability of frames for outdoor furniture. Check for rust-resistant powder coating on cast-iron and wrought-iron furniture. Aluminum outdoor furniture sets are naturally rust resistant and last a long time.

Cushions and Pillows

If you plan on buying cushions for your outdoor furniture set, then consider weather-resistant cushions with a high UV rating and ventilation slits to avoid sun and moisture damage. Acrylic is one mildew-resistant fabric that is long-lasting. Pillows made from similar materials will also resist natural wear and tear.

Sturdy Construction

Outdoor furniture constructed using dowels, pegs, stainless-steel screws or brass screws will last much longer than furniture held together with glue or staples. If product images don’t give that level of detail, then try consulting customer reviews to find outdoor furniture that has satisfied the quality standards of others.

Outdoor Furniture Care Tips:
Any type of patio furniture will last longer with routine care. During cold weather seasons, when the patio is no longer in use, store your patio furniture in a garage, basement or garden shed.

During warm weather, wash seat cushions once a month with one part bleach to 10 parts warm water and a few drops of dish detergent. Wash and wax wrought iron a few times a year.

Aluminum outdoor furniture doesn’t require special treatment because it forms a natural, protective oxide layer when it is outdoors. Rinsing dust from aluminum furniture with a garden hose is sufficient.

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